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Introducing "Stall Rest Lip Balm" – Because Even Equestrians Need a Little TLC!


We all know equestrians are a tough bunch. They can wrestle 1,000-pound beasts, muck out stables, and brave the elements with a grin. But one thing they're notoriously bad at is admitting when they're feeling a little under the weather. Well, "Stall Rest Lip Balm" is here to give those horse-loving warriors a nudge of self-care they can't resist!


This organic lip balm, hand-blended with love, boasts the invigorating blend of peppermint and ravintsara essential oils. It's like a breath of fresh air for your lips and a minty slap in the face to remind you that self-care is essential, even for the most unyielding equestrians.


Let's talk about the health benefits, shall we? Shea butter, the star of the show, will keep your lips as smooth as a velvet nose, while peppermint and ravintsara essential oils will tingle your senses and invigorate your spirit.


"Stall Rest Lip Balm" is like Burt's Bees on crack, back when they were rebels and hadn't sold out to the corporate giants. It's the lip balm that refuses to take "neigh" for an answer. When equestrians are too stubborn to rest, they can at least give their lips the pampering they deserve.


So, saddle up, slap on some "Stall Rest Lip Balm," and show the world that even the toughest riders can have soft, kissable lips. Because who says you can't be a cowboy or cowgirl and have a fabulous pout at the same time?


Apply, Inhale, then put yourself on stall rest.

Seriously, go home.

Stall Rest

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  • Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Wild foraged Pine, Peppermint and Ravinstara Essential Oils

  • This also makes the absolute best lip balm.  It reminds me of Burt's Bees before they sold to Clorox.  

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