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Introducing the F*cking Selfcare for Equestrians - the perfect solution for equestrians who have been neglecting their personal well-being. 

Cough.  Nothing to see here.  Cough. 


We know selfcare is hard, especially for equestrians who are notoriously bad at it. Fear not, our 7 day workbook will guide you through the process of "letting that sh*t out" and swearing and giggling your way to a healthier and happier you.  Y'all can make it through 1 week, I promise. 

Let's face it, a healthy human means a happy horse. With our  guide for equestrians selfcare, you'll feel like a magical f*cking unicorn in no time.


Download this magic sh*t and let your inner unicorn shine!

(Real, honest to goodness paper versions)

It smells like papery dreams. 

Why is it $18?  This is why:

F*cking Selfcare for Equestrians Workbook (Paper workbook)

Excluding Sales Tax
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