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Redefine the way you interact with your horse.  


Classical training with a Holistic twist, Om Riding workshops focus on centered riding.  Bring yourself into balance both in and out of the saddle using traditional modalities and Eastern Inspired exercises. 

Do Yoga. Ride Horses. Repeat.


E-mail for available Workshop dates.  Now booking for 2024.


This workshop is for all disciplines, and experience levels, or if you simply enjoy being around horses. This is a fun, interactive workshop.  It will redefine the relationship you have with your horse.    

  • Spend time on the yoga mat and in the saddle

  • Work on stretches, strengthening, balancing, and alignment techniques for equestrian

  • Stay centered/relaxed/grounded/focused

  • Body/Mind/Breath Awareness

  • Breath-work

  • Present moment awareness

  • Move with grace, patience, flexibility, strength, and balance

  • The energy we bring to horses and to life

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