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Introducing "Giddy Up Lip Balm" – Because Even Night Owls Need Kissable Lips!

Alright, night owls and equestrians, we know you've got those late-night adventures like night checks and hauling out at 3 am. You might be bleary-eyed, but your lips don't have to be! Enter "Giddy Up Lip Balm" – your trusty sidekick for those moonlit equine escapades.


This hand-blended, organic lip balm features the zesty duo of lime and clove essential oils. It's like a fiesta for your lips, and they'll be dancing with delight even when you're tackling those pre-dawn chores.


It's not just about the flavor fiesta; there are health benefits galore! Shea butter, the secret ingredient, will keep your lips as soft as a baby's bottom – because who has time for chapped lips when you're herding cattle or wrangling horses?


So, if you're tired of your lips feeling like sandpaper during your midnight missions, "Giddy Up Lip Balm" is here to rescue you. We can't promise it'll make waking up at 3 am any easier, but at least your lips will be ready to greet the day with a perky pout.


Saddle up, slap on some "Giddy Up Lip Balm," and show the world that even in the darkest hours, your lips are still ready to shine. In the words of every night owl ever: "Who needs sleep when your lips are this fabulous?"

Giddy Up

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  • Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Lime and Clove Essential Oils

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