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Are you tired of starting your day with the subtlety? Need something bolder than your snooze button can offer? Well, look no further than our "Sun Salutation Tea" – the warm cup of sunrise your taste buds have been yearning for.


We took the finest organic ingredients Mother Nature could provide, added a dash of hand-blended love, and brewed up a concoction that'll have you doing yoga sun salutations in your sleep (not that we recommend that).


Imagine a flavor explosion in your mouth with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper – it's like a flavor parade with confetti cannons.


Feeling groggy in the morning? "Sun Salutation Tea" is here to dropkick your drowsiness and catapult you into the day. It's so effective, that you might not even need an alarm clock.  (We can't guarantee it'll make you a morning person, but it might just make you a morning tolerator)


Why settle for boring Green Tea when you can make tea time an event? Grab your "Sun Salutation Tea," perform a dramatic pour (like a tea sommelier), and sip your way to the glorious realization that the day holds endless possibilities – and a lot more cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper.


Embrace the morning chaos, tackle your to-do list, and conquer the world (or at least the Monday morning staff meeting). "Sun Salutation Tea" – the organic, hand-blended, and slightly sassy companion to your daily awakening ritual. It's time to rise, shine, and sip your way to greatness!

*yoga not mandatory for consumption.

Sun Salutation Tea

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