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Bites of Expression

If you read my last post you know it was about being grateful at our last horse show and then somehow it spiraled into me admitting I had committed to teaching a few local yoga classes in Austin, Texas. While I am excited about you guys knowing about the upcoming local yoga classes, I also wanted to share a bunch of quotes/conversations that came up over the weekend. These quotes are all thoughts pulled from a few inspiring conversations. Each of these could probably ignite their own chapter in my next novel, but in the meantime, consider them bite sized moto quotes. Some are a bit raw, some a bit cheeky, and a few meant to remind us how grateful we really should be. Enjoy! 1. Be grateful. Damnit.

2. Your worst day is still better than someone’s best day.

3. You are literally living someone else’s dream life.

4. Be appreciative to those who support you- both as a coach and a client.

5. It’s all a learning experience. My goal is to stay in the moment while I am riding and to give my horses a fair shot at what they are prepared to do and what is expected of them. If I can do that, I feel satisfied with my rides.

6. Everything your horse does is telling you something, just because you don’t want to hear what it is saying, doesn’t mean he/she is not communicating.

7. Not today, friend. Maybe tomorrow, but that is for you to focus on tomorrow.

8. Smile. It matters.

9. People want to be surrounded by people that love life. That shit is contagious.

10. Don’t rain on my parade. I have enough self-critical doubts nagging the back of my mind. I don’t need your negative energy to fuel that. If you are not willing to meet me at that level, you are dragging me down.

11. Did it go perfectly? No? Good, then you hopefully learned something.

12. If you do something and it makes you feel unhappy and small, don’t do that again.

13. We are all a work in progress. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes it’s a Bob Ross painting. Actually maybe we are all just accidents that got turned into trees and happy clouds.

14. It’s not about anything other than what you think it is about.

15. Is your horse your partner? If not, you are doing it wrong.

16. You can reinvent yourself. Don’t believe me? Try it. Or don’t. The choice is yours. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. I'm going to go be a happy little tree.

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