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Yoga, Horses, and Heart: How OM Riding and Sunchaser are Planning on Changing the World

Have you ever had an idea with your friends that excited you SO much you couldn’t stop thinking about it? We did, which is why we’re about to do something major. What if OM Riding was more than a yoga-based program that could improve your dressage score? What if OM Riding could change more than your relationship with your horse?

What if OM Riding could change the world?

We know, we know, this sounds a bit far-fetched - but as eventers - we’re just crazy enough to believe it. We also know, from the healthy amount we all spend on our amazing equine partners, that we are fortunate enough to do something about it.

OM Riding is proud to announce our partnership with Sunchasers Travel Adventures. With our combined experience in travel planning, international relations, personal development, and scuba diving (and a healthy addiction to backpacking and yoga) we have discovered a collective mission with this amazing travel company: Help people travel the world, become better people, and experience local culture through volunteer programs. Heal your mind, soul, and the world in one day. We’re kicking off this exciting partnership with an inaugural trip to Costa Rica. This 8-day, 7-night adventure includes:

  • Luxurious accommodations in Montezuma, at Hotel Los Mangos

  • 6 sessions of healing, meditation, and yoga from OM Riding

  • 2 days of surf lessons, open to all levels of experience

  • Guided tour of Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve

  • Snorkeling and swimming on exquisite island of Tortuga

  • Roundtrip Airport transfers from Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose

In addition to providing both a relaxing and mindful experience, we are giving back to the local communities and habitats we visit in Costa Rica. On our last full day together, travelers are encouraged to participate in a beach cleanup. Join us in showing respect to the beautiful beaches and wildlife we’ve enjoyed together.

Our Costa Rican adventure will begin December 1st, 2018. Please book directly with our friends at Sunchaser Travel Adventures.

OM Riding also has numerous Yoga for Riders events available before December! Please visit our event page for more information, or contact Head Yoga Instructor, Lisa Bauman, directly to learn more about our Yoga for Riders program.

Opening minds - one ride at a time.

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