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Being grateful has been the topic of many conversations this week/month/year. I know it has been a minute since I have written a post, though please rest assured I have thought about many, many things to write about. I suppose I could say I am grateful for your understanding and patience. Since returning from Yoga Teacher Training, my schedule has been nothing short of frenetic. I agree this is quite ironic after having been in a zen paradise for weeks. Sometimes you have to step away from something to realize how much you want/need it in your life. I would venture to guess that many of you have experienced this as well. While I am still struggling with finding balance between my practice and my current schedule of riding/teaching/traveling... it's slowly coming full circle. I stepped away from a daily practice to make time for having a split barn currently; it has become abundantly clear that a daily practice is instrumental for my general happiness and well being.

Putting your own self-care ahead of others is hard. I am trying to solve that by sharing yoga with all y'all so we all practice together. ha!

(insert hashtag about working harder together) Like most trainers, if I have an open spot on the schedule I feel a tremendous need to fill it. So, I put 2 yoga classes on my schedule. They are staring at me, gently reminding me to continue building a community of equestrians striving to be better, stronger, and more connected. The time slots are taken. I can't book another lesson. I can't agree to school another horse. All that is left is to tell people about it.

I'm so appreciative to have a community of equestrians that support both a competitive schedule as well as a focus on wellness. It goes hand in hand for long term survival in this game, folks! Yoga for Equestrians will be at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There. I said it. Now it is on your calendar and not just mine. Stay tuned for details.

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