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Wave Your Flag

First of all, I love this song.

Did you take the time to watch it? You should, it's pretty amazing. It is one of those songs that gives you warm fuzzies and puts a smile on your face.

You know what else gives you warm fuzzies and puts a smile on your face? Having people reach out to you at a horse show to thank you for starting to bring more yoga to riding, seeing the stress slip away from a friend's face as they sit after an Asana Practice, and being with like minded individuals focusing on raising their consciousness through mindfulness. Yes, that puts a smile on my face. One of the conversations I had this past weekend at the Pine Hill Horse Trials was with a friend who said they had been watching our clinics develop and reading the blog posts. She has known me for a while and said simply, "I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you for going out there and waving your flag. It's been inspiring to more than you know." What an amazing thing to say to someone!

I thought about that quietly after I finished my rides with Falkor (the gentle giant who was amazing at Pine Hill). It really was just about waving my flag: my kale eating, yoga doing, Om chanting, De Nemethy studying, XC jumping, weird-self flag. Once I committed to bringing yoga and mindfulness into my multi-colored google calendar- there it was. Staring at me to teach a yoga class during that allotted time. So I did. Slowly, people are joining. It turns out, when you wave a flag, other people sometimes want to play with you. The amount of folks that have reached out to give me feedback about how the OM clinics and yoga sequencing have changed their riding leading to more success in the show ring has been inspiring! I'm grateful to those that continue to support me as I build upon this movement going forward! To those that are struggling with an idea or career choice to make... if it lights your soul on fire it will light other people's soul on fire. Wave your flag! Take that step. Go out of your comfort zone and see who will go with you, or who is already there waiting for you! This has been such an amazing continuation of my riding career, words aren't quite doing it justice. My injuries led me to yoga and my soul keeps me with it. I hope you embrace that which does the same for you. See you on the mat, then I will see you at Holly Hill HT!

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